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Patronis Elementary Authorized "uniform" colors:


TOPS:  School Spirit Shirts or PLAIN white, green, gold or yellow T-shirt, polo or oxfords. 

BOTTOMS:  Khaki, blue jeans, navy blue or black pants, shorts, skirts, Capri, or skorts. Bottoms must be no shorter than 5" above the knee when standing.


DRESSES OR JUMPERS: PLAIN in either top or bottom authorized colors.   Dresses or jumpers must be no shorter than 5" above the knee when standing. 

SHOES:  Sandal with back or back strap for grades K-5

Closed-in Athletic shoes are required for All grades for Physical Education Class.


SWEATSHIRTS/SWEATERS:  Hoods are permitted for PK-5 and all sweaters/sweatshirts worn in the classroom must be white, yellow, or green.

There are no restrictions for Jackets/Coats.  They may be worn at Physical Education, but NOT indoors.