3016 Hwy 77 N | Panama City, FL 32405
(850) 767-5500
(850) 747-5555 fax

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Haney Technical Center
3016 Hwy 77 North
Panama City, FL 32405
(850) 767-5500
(850) 747-5555 fax

To call an extension, dial (850) 767-5500, listen for the prompt to press 8, then enter the 7-digit extension. Any phone number that begins with "767" may be dialed directly.

Name Position Department Email Phone Number
Haney Administration
Ann Leonard Director Administration leonaaa1@bay.k12.fl.us 767-5520

Alexandra Murphy Chief Community Relations Officer Administration murphar@bay.k12.fl.us
 767-5519 Alexandra Murphy
Rick Tutunick Assistant Administrator
Administration tutunrm@bay.k12.fl.us 767-5521
Angela Reese Assistant Administrator Administration reeseal@bay.k12.fl.us 767-5518 Angela Reese
Josephine Bracy
 Finance Officer
Administration  bracyj@bay.k12.fl.us  767-5522  
Tina Sanders Assistant Finance Officer Administration sandetl@bay.k12.fl.us 767-5513  Tina Sanders
 Haney Staff and Faculty
Christopher Becker Instructor General Aviation beckec@bay.k12.fl.us  767-5500 ext 212-3816   
Tina Bradley
Clerk Testing
bradltm@bay.k12.fl.us 767-5508
Tim Brown Custodian       Tim Brown
Wonda Bunch Clerk Testing bunchww@bay.k12.fl.us 767-5508  
Teresa Byrnes Instructor ESOL  byrnetl@bay.k12.fl.us 767-5500 
 ext 212-3601
Robert Callier Instructor Electricity/Electrician callirf@bay.k12.fl.us 767-5500 ext 212-5165  Robert Callier
 Angie Carpenter Instructor ABE/GED  carpear@bay.k12.fl.us 767-5500 ext 212-3611  
Jerry Cash Records Clerk Financial Aid
cashjb@bay.k12.fl.us 767-5500 ext 212-5324
Larry Conley Instructor Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, & Heating Technology  conlelk@bay.k12.fl.us 767-5500
Pam Danley
Instructor Practical Nursing
danleph@bay.k12.fl.us 767-5500 ext 212-5366
 Pam Danley
David Deaton Aviation Coordinator Aviation deatod@bay.k12.fl.us  767-5529  David Deaton
Gina Dudley
Instructor Cosmetology dudlegr@bay.k12.fl.us 767-5500 ext 212-3202
Gene Fallis
Instructor ABE/Reading fallime@bay.k12.fl.us 767-5500 ext 212-3606
 Debbie Farrell Instructor  Administrative Office Specialist/Accounting Operations/Medical Administrative Specialist  farrdl@bay.k12.fl.us 767-5500   
Sue Fidler

Testing fidlem@bay.k12.fl.us 767-5508
Phyllis Forrest Administrative Secretary
Administrative forrepk@bay.k12.fl.us
Kelly Gray  Paraprofessional Welding graykl@bay.k12.fl.us 767-5500 ext 212-5147  Kelly Gray
Kirk Greek
Custodian   greekmk@bay.k12.fl.us  
Kathryn Grothman Instructor Practical Nursing grothka@bay.k12.fl.us 767-5500 ext 212-5366 Kathryn Grothman
Dennis Harper Aviation Instructor  Aviation Airframe Mechanics  harpedc@bay.k12.fl.us 767-5500 ext 212-3308 
Jason Heath
Instructor Digital Design
heathjm@bay.k12.fl.us 767-5500 ext 212-5135
Carla Hubbard
Instructor ABE/GED hubbact@bay.k12.fl.us 767-5500 ext 212-3610
Diane Jacobs
Instructor Practical Nursing
jacobdl@bay.k12.fl.us 767-5500 ext 212-5366
 Student Services
Eric Johnson
Instructor Welding Technology
Welding Technology Advanced
johnswe@bay.k12.fl.us 767-5500 ext 212-5147
Sherry Leboeuf
Records Clerk Financial Aid
leboes@bay.k12.fl.us 767-5500 ext 212-5126
Jeffery McGee Instructor Automotive Collision Technology Technician  mcgeejl@bay.k12.fl.us 767-5500 ext 212-3406 
Bobby Miller
Instructor Marine Service Technologies
millebc@bay.k12.fl.us 767-5500 ext 212-5136
Joe Nelson
Instructor Automotive Service Technology 1 & 2
nelsopj@bay.k12.fl.us 767-5500 ext 212-3403
Kimberly Nix  Career Specialist   nixkd@bay.k12.fl.us 767-5525 Kimberly Nix
Charlotte Nocito Bookkeeper   nocitca@bay.k12.fl.us  767-5514
Amy Pate
 patear@bay.k12.fl.us 767-5500 ext 212-3214  Amy Pate, Receptionist
Sabrina Peffers
 Instructor Practical Nursing
peffesa@bay.k12.fl.us  767-5500 ext 212-3115
Janet Pitts
Records Clerk
Financial Aid
pittsja@bay.k12.fl.us 767-5500 ext 212-5215
Jeffery Porter  Instructor  Computer Systems & Information Technology  portejw@bay.k12.fl.us 767-5500   
James Prater Instructor Adult Education
pratejl@bay.k12.fl.us 767-5500
Scott Ratliff
Site Based Tech
ratlisd@bay.k12.fl.us 767-5500 ext 212-5313
Paul Richardson Instructor Welding Technology
Welding Technology Advanced
767-5500 ext 212-5147   
Shawn Scalf Records Clerk Student Services scalfsr@bay.k12.fl.us  767-5500 ext 212-5119 Shawn Scalf
Evelyn Simmons
Director Practical Nursing
simmoem@bay.k12.fl.us 767-5512  Evelyn Simmons
Cynthia Sloan
Data Specialist

sloanca@bay.k12.fl.us 767-5507
Cindy Sloan
Tamlyn Smith Workforce     481-1297  
Vivian Stiles Receptionist Student Services  stileve@bay.k12.fl.us 767-5500  
Robert Neil Taylor Instructor Automotive Service Technology1 & 2 taylorn@bay.k12.fl.us 767-5500 ext 212-3403   
Lee Thompson
Instructor Massage Therapy
thompla@bay.k12.fl.us 767-5500 ext 212-7007
Starla Thompson
Instructor ABE/GED  thompsc@bay.k12.fl.us 767-5500 ext 212-3607
 Starla Thompson
Sara Tobias Instructor Medical Administration Specialist tobiasl@bay.k12.fl.us 767-5500 ext 212-5202 Mrs. Sara Tobias
Suzanne Vann
Media Specialist Media Center
vannsp@bay.k12.fl.us 767-5500 ext 212-5347
Gary Vickers Instructor Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, & HeatingTechnology vickege@bay.k12.fl.us 767-5500 ext 212-5160  
Michelle Wesley Instructor ABE/GED Instructor
Bay County Jail 
Louise York Instructor Cosmetology yorkvl@bay.k12.fl.us 767-5500 ext 212-3202 Louise York
Harold Youngblood
Instructor Welding Technology
younghc@bay.k12.fl.us 767-5500 ext 212-3202
Harold Youngblood