Thursday, September 20, 2018
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  Welcome to New Horizons Learning Center. My name is Mr. Smith and I am  privileged to be the Principal of New Horizons Learning Center.  We are an ESE  (Exceptional Student Education) Center and in keeping  with that designation, we  like to take pride in accommodating our ESE  students.

 So how are we different from a basic school?  First, we offer much  smaller  classes.  Our students are many times in classes that have six  kids and rarely  over ten kids.  In these classes are a minimum of two  adults – one teacher and a  paraprofessional in most cases.  Furthermore, we review your kid’s academic  progress and achievement on an ongoing basis.  Quarterly, we assess whether  your child is on track to achieve promotion - or graduation, if applicable.  Weekly, professional teams meet to discuss students of concern at that moment.  We brainstorm possible strategies to remove obstacles to their progress.  Students are giving multiple opportunities to assess for mastery of benchmarks and standards and each student is evaluated based on his/her individual case.  We provide engaged learning activities for our students.  That means we provide learning activities that involve their active participation, multi-media presentation, and authentic real-world assignments.  We are striving yearly to be better at these things, and to make certain all IEP strategies are in place.

My ultimate goal for our students is to see them graduate – all of them ideally.  We work to get them on track to get a High School Diploma, a GED, or a referral to other educational tracks such as Haney Vocational Center, Chautauqua, or Gulf Coast State College.  It is our belief that we can get our students to the point they can fulfill their goals eventually.  If a kid wants to attend college, and they are working towards a standard diploma, that is a definite possibility for them.  We hope that, in offering a real alternative, we can raise student confidence levels and expectations for themselves in life.  We hope to be a force for positive change in their lives.

We have a guidance counselor at middle school and high school levels, a social worker and a Crisis Intervention Teacher who work tirelessly to assist students with their academic and other needs.  Feel free to contact them.  It is important to me that we keep open lines of communication.  In that spirit, please email me with concerns, suggestions, or questions anytime at


Mr. Smith, Principal