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Art News

The art philosophy I studied is called Disciplined Based Art Education (DBAE).  I use works of art from famous artists and cultures to create lesson plans.  My lessons are aligned with the Florida State Standards and are combined with other disciplines, such as math, science, reading and writing.  I design my lessons throughout the year so that students are exposed to different artists, cultures, art styles or movements, and techniques.  I make sure that students have choices, have fun and are guided to a successful outcome.  Encouragement is given to all grade levels, reminding my beginner artists that it’s all about the process and not the product.

Art helps kids learn and grow!

Top 10 reasons why art is important in Elementary Schools:

* Promotes creativity

* Improves academic performance

* Improves motor skills

* Builds confidence

* Helps visual learning

* Improves decision making

* Promotes perseverance

* Helps with focusing

* Promotes collaboration

* Contributes to accountability

Thank you,

Ms. McBee