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Our Mission

The basis of Merritt Brown Middle School’s mission statement focuses on creating the ideal learning environment for student achievement.  This is accomplished only by creating a mutual respect by all the stakeholders.  Student differences are accepted and appreciated.  Individual learning styles are recognized and a variety of instructional practices are utilized to create a positive working environment.  Student responsibility is encouraged and taught.  We believe that the curriculum and instructional practices of Merritt Brown Middle School should be based on the needs and characteristics of middle school students and should focus and change to meet these needs.

Respect and responsibility by the students, faculty, parents, and administration have to be shared equally to make our mission successful.   These two attitudes must be in place to encourage positive relationships between the stakeholders.  Teaching students accountability prepares them for life after middle school.  We try to look for positive ways to handle problems and include the students in the process by having them evaluate the cause of the problem, the outcome, and the solution.  These interactions are essential to boosting student self-esteem and positive attitude.

Students must also learn in a safe and physically comfortable environment.  One of the ways this is achieved is through the School Discipline Plan.  Students, parents, teachers, and administrators contribute to the discipline plan and are responsible for following it.  The plan is located in the school planners, which must be carried every day by the students.  Teachers go over the plan in class and then the students take the plan home for the parents to look over.  All individuals must work together to follow the discipline plan.

Merritt Brown Middle School believes that students learn best when they have opportunities for success.  We offer many forms of assessment, such as class grades, Ed Vision testing, portfolios, projects, and our CCC lab.  This allows the students to have a variety of opportunities to demonstrate their skills.  Each of these activities challenges the students’ expectations and motivates them to a higher standard of performance because the assessment makes them aware of items they are struggling with.  These are also helpful tools for the teacher, because she/he can gather information on individual classes and students to revise his/her curriculum according to student need.

It is our hope that students will embrace the ideals learned at Merritt Brown Middle School and continue to succeed throughout their future.  We understand that we are an important building block between elementary and high school.  We encourage the participation of parents because they are also an integral part of a student’s development.  We strongly believe that all stakeholders are responsible for every students’ education, and that only by having a series of workable beliefs, can the mission succeed.