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Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Merritt Brown Middle School, where our children come first.  More than just a phrase, we believe that our foremost responsibility is to promote a safe, orderly, and nurturing environment that fosters an atmosphere of learning for all of our students. 

In order to accomplish this, the Merritt Brown faculty and staff have implemented a school-wide discipline plan that calls for high expectations on the part of our students and consistent, firm, yet fair enforcement of the school rules. 

In addition, Merritt Brown has strong ties to our “feeder” elementary schools as well as the high schools that our students will attend.  This “vertical alignment” affords everyone in the Pre-K – 12 continuum open lines of communication to discuss both student needs and curricular issues.

Our curriculum is varied, meeting the academic challenges of all students from those with special needs to the most academically talented.  Merritt Brown offers a full program in wellness that fosters healthy lifestyles as well as special topic programs that promote positive life values.

At Merritt Brown Middle School, we honor our heartfelt commitment to our students, our parents, and our community.