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Mrs. Westlake teaches art here at Merritt Brown.  Each grade level has different projects that the students complete, varying in difficulty to the grade.  Students also learn art history involving artists from all over the world and the movements they were a part of.  Artwork from the class is continuously displayed in the front office for parents and community to view.  The art classes also participate in art displays at the Bay County Fair, the “Best of Bay” visual arts show, and at different spots in the community.

If you like the artwork on this site or have any questions or comments (or things you would like to see on the art link) please e-mail her at

Mrs. Westlake took pictures of some of our students' artwork as it was displayed at the annual Best Of Bay 2015 Art Show at the Visual Arts Center in downtown Panama City. 







If you would like to help Mrs. Westlake fund a project please visit DonorsChoose at . If Mrs. Westlake is currently trying to fund a project, you can help her out by donating towards it.  If she is not currently funding a project for her classes, feel free to donate to the arts at another school.