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Guidance Center

Merritt Brown Middle School offers strong guidance counseling services for our students as they begin to adjust to their changing bodies and environments. Our services are an integral part of our middle school program.  The direct line to Guidance is 767-3981.

     Nicole Baker, ext. 207-3075 (Students' last names K-Z) and Candace Leebrick, ext. 207-3088 (Students' last names A-J) share the guidance responsibilities, and are assisted by district support personnel such as psychologists, resource teachers, and social workers. The guidance team works closely with teaching teams counseling students with educational, personal, and social issues, as well as vocational development.  The counselors work with students individually and through skilled use of the group counseling process.  

    Janice Moran, our school Registrar, works closely with our two Guidance Counselors and provides registration and transfer assistance to students and their families.