Wednesday, June 19, 2019
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Breakfast Point Academy Attendance Policy
Tardies: Students in K-5 who are five minutes or more late shall be recorded as absent until they arrive in class. Five unexcused tardies and/or five late absences or a combination of both for a total of five in one class shall result in an unexcused absence.

Excused Absences: Documentation must be filed with the principal’s office within three days of the absence.    Excused absences may be given for the following reasons.

1. Death in the family or other bona fide family emergency.

2. Illness of student. A written statement from a physician that the student is under the supervision of the physician and that the student’s condition justifies the number of days absent may be required after five days absence.

3. Pre-approved family leave. Requests for family leave must be in writing and approved before the student is to be absent and must comply with the following criteria.

A. The student must have a C average or higher in all classes for the grading period.

B. The requested leave cannot be for more than five days per school year and may not be during
     semester/term exam days.