Wednesday, June 19, 2019
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MIDDLE SCHOOL Schedule and PE Information







Middle School Physical Education is a course that focuses on individual fitness and health. It is a critical time for developing and refining physical skills and abilities. By providing movement and activity experiences it will enable the student to form a foundation for lifelong participation in health enhancing physical activity. This is not recess, but rather a graded Special Area course with a focus on learning and participation. The Middle School students will be held to a high standard with an emphasis on self-discipline and respect.


The students will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of a large variety of different sports, as well as have the opportunity to play in competitive team games using the skills that they have learned. The main goal in my class is to help the students get some amount of exercise every single day. I do my best to accommodate all students and find something that they WANT to do. The goal is not to force them to exercise, but to help them see that there are many fun and enjoyable ways out there to get exercise.


 Grading Policy:

·        Dressing out for class (1pt per day) - Dressing out means appropriate shorts or sweats, a T- Shirt, and Tennis shoes.

·        Participating in class (1 pt. per day) - Participation is defined as attempting the activity we are doing, showing effort, and staying on task.

Must be completed before participating in sports at BPA

All students interested in participating in middle school athletics must complete and upload a sports physical, and proof of insurance to (See attachment below for instructions)

If the physical is not completed and uploaded the student will not be permitted to try out or participate in sports at BPA. 

Paper copies of sports physicals will no longer be accepted. 

A fully completed sports physical includes an EL2 (3 Pages) and an MSEL3 (4 Pages) 

Click link below to download form

Sports Physical EL2

Sports Physical MSEL3

BPA sports physical upload instructions