Positive Behavior Intervention Support

Good citizenship is developed through character education and support from teachers, families, and the community.   Students are taught Character Education in accordance with Florida State Statute 1003.42.

PBS Expectations:   Callaway Cougars show Responsibility, Tolerance, and Respect!  Classroom and campus rules are tied to these three expectations. Responsibility: I will make positive choices. Tolerance: I can enjoy other people’s differences. Respect: I will treat others the way I want to be treated.

Positive Rewards:  Students who follow school and classroom rules will be rewarded.  Rewards may include participation in Fantastic Fridays, nomination for Student of the Month, opportunities to be Book Buddies, serve on ITV or Safety Patrol, and Class Dojo points ( to participate in various Positive Behavior Support (PBS) activities.  

Fantastic Friday is a special time set aside each week to celebrate a student’s good behavior, study habits and attendance.  Fantastic Friday is a privilege the students earn.  

Participation:   Students earn the privilege to participate in Fantastic Friday through good behavior.  Students who receive any parent alert, ISD, ISS or OSS during the week will be in danger of losing Fantastic Friday activities for that week.  

Activities:  The PBS committee will plan fun and motivating activities each quarter for all grade levels.  Activities might include but are not limited to art, science, movies, and game related events.  Students are required to maintain an 80% positive score on Dojo to participate in activities.  Students earn positive points when they are caught being responsible, tolerant, or respectful throughout campus. 

Sequence of Consequences:  Consequences for misbehavior include loss of privileges, parent notification, In School Detention, In or Out of School Suspension, or other consequences determined by administration.  

Behavior Management

ClassDojo:  Teachers throughout Callaway are using ClassDojo ( for classroom management.  Dojo is an app that helps teachers encourage students in class, and easily communicate with parents.  Through this app parents can stay abreast of ongoing classroom activities and see their child’s behavior in real time.  It’s also a great way to stay in contact with your child’s teacher.

Behavior Alert:  Discipline alerts will be sent home when a child chooses not to follow instructions/rules given by the teacher or school staff.

Discipline Referral: Discipline referrals are issued by the administration to students who have not followed classroom, school, and/or School Board policy.

ISD Forms:  These forms are completed by the teacher for minor infractions. The student will serve 30 minutes in detention. Forms should be signed by parents and returned to school.

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