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History of Tom P. Haney Technical Center

Tom P. Haney Technical Center is located at 3016 Highway 77, Panama City, Florida. In 1965 the Florida State Board of Education approved the school as an "Area Vocational Center" under the provisions of Chapter 230.62(1), Florida Statutes.

Plans for the new facility were initiated in 1965, and an architect was named. At the request of the Bay County School Board, a survey team from the Florida Department of Education conducted a program determination student March 8-10, 1966, in accordance with Chapter 235.16, Florida Statutes.

A search for a site for the new facility was launched. The present site was approved by the School Board in August 1966, and preliminary plans for construction were approved at that time.

The Center was originally known as the Bay County Adult Vocational-Technical School and was housed in the Wainwright Shipyard Administration Building near Port Panama City. It was designated as the Tom P. Haney Vocational-Technical Center by the Bay County School Board in December 1966 in honor of Tom P. Haney, prominent businessman and former School Board member. Students first attended the Center in 1966, and the first program completers finished in 1967.

The first phase of construction at the new site was started in July 1967, and the school moved into the new facilities in 1968. This phase included the construction of three structures and a utility building to house the heating and cooling systems. Building 01 housed Administration and Guidance; Building 02 housed Cosmetology, Practical Nursing, and Sewing; and Building 06 housed the Media Center, Business Education, Commercial Art, Drafting, Distributive Education, and Radio and Television Repairs.

A second program determination study and facilities survey was made by the State Department of Education February 4-5, 1969. An architect for the second phase of construction was named the same month.

A contract for the construction of the second phase for Haney Vocational-Technical Center was let in November 1969; and the new facility, Building 04, was completed in September 1970. It housed the shops and classrooms for Masonry, Welding, Automotive Mechanics, and Air Conditioning and Refrigeration.

In 1970 the School Board placed four temporary buildings on the campus for the Adult Basic and General Education programs.

In the fall of 1971-72 school year, bids were let for a 40' x 30' metal building for use in the Agriculture Program. The building was finished in early 1972 and served as part of the housing for the Nursery Operations Program.

In the fall of 1973, the Adult Basic and General Education programs were moved to Shaw Adult Center (formerly Shaw Elementary School and later Shaw Kindergarten Center), 162 Detroit Avenue, Springfield, Florida.

In September 1973, plans were initiated for the construction of a building for training personnel for the Nuclear Power Products Company. An architect was named at that time; and in December of the same year, a contract was let for the "emergency" phase of construction. Building 07 was completed in 1974 and now houses the Machining Program.

During the fiscal year 1975, plans were initiated for the third phase of the building program at the Center. In 1979 Buildings 03, 08, 09, and 10 were completed.

The Centers operates under the auspices of Bay County School Board in conjunction with other public schools.