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 Advisory Committee

Kim McGee
Billing/Physical Therapy Manager
NeuroMedical Institute

Lori Sagehorn
Medical Records Specialist
Kindred at Home

Carolyn Smith
MAS Instructor, Retired
Advisory/Community Representative

Regina Smith
Office Manager
Brown Chiropractic Center

Michelle Williamson
Patient Access Coordinator
Dermatology Specialist

Jolean Boutwell


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Medical Administrative Assistant

Medical Administrative Specialist

Program Length: 1050 hours
35 weeks
Program Number: B070300

The Medical Administrative Specialist (MAS) serves a key role in medical offices, clinics and hospital settings.  The MAS manages the administrative duties involved in patient care and is the liaison between inpatient, outpatient and medical staff.  

The MAS must have a sincere desire to help people and a willingness to learn the complexities of the health care industry.  The MAS typically works in the front office of a physician, clinic or hospital.  The MAS must be outgoing, patient, and have attention to detail. Candidates must be willing to learn new procedures, laws, and insurance forms.  

Some of the duties performed by a Medical Administrative Specialist include:

  • Must know medical terminology        
  • Set appointment times
  • Greet patients
  • File and pull charts
  • Handle insurance information
  • Assist new patients with paperwork
  • Know word processing
  • Know bookkeeping
  • Type medical correspondence
  • Transcribe medical dictation
  • Understand and know insurance coding information
  • Scheduling hospital admissions
  • Type case histories
  • Complete and submit insurance medical forms
  • Collects and records payments

Qualified students are eligible to take the Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) national industry certification exam. This test is available to those who meet the following criteria: possess a high school diploma or equivalent, successful completion of a training program or one year of work experience within the field. Visit the National HealthcareerAssociation website for CMAA test information. http://www.nhanow.com/certifications.

JOB OUTLOOK:  The job outlook for MAS is excellent.  The field is expected to grow much faster because of technological advances in medicine and the aging population.  Earnings vary depending on experience, education and skill level.  Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Program Structure This program is a planned sequence of instruction consisting of four (4) Occupational Completion Points (OCPs).

 Course Number Course Title Course Hours OCP
OTA0040 Information Technology Assistant 150 hours A
OTA0041 Front Desk Specialist 300 hours B
OTA0631 Medical Office Technologist 300 hours C
OTA0651 Medical Administrative Specialist 300 hours D

Admission Requirements
16 years or older

Basic Skills: Unless exempt, students' competency in reading, math, and language are assessed within six (6) weeks of program entry using the Wonderlic.

Program Advisory Estimated Entry-Level Salary Range

Council on Occupational (COE) Rates
Program Completion Rate: 75%
Program Placement Rate:  81%


 "The Medical Administrative Specialist program gave me a second chance in my career. I found the program to be very informative and have been able to put the skills that I learned in the program to use in my new job in the medical field. After completing the program, I was able to immediately begin doing reception work and quickly moved to insurance billing. Thank you Haney Technical Center staff for giving me this opportunity. D. Bennett

"Haney has afforded me the opportunity to expand my horizons and enter a new career field. I attended the Medical Administrative Specialist program, and now have the confidence and knowledge to apply for any office position, whether in a lawyer’s office or in a medical office. Thanks to Haney I am now enjoying an exciting career as a paraprofessional for the Medical Administrative Specialist program! " T. Strauss

"If it wasn't for Haney Technicals Medical Administrative class I would not be where I am today with my current job. The Medical Administrative class really helped me with my job learning medical terminology, speaking to others about problems in the workplace and learning how important it is to double check your work." Amanda M.

"I had worked at my previous job for over seventeen years as a Loan Servicing Specialist.  When the company decided to relocate their work base to another area, I was given a choice to move with the company or find other suitable employment.  I decided that furthering my education would help me in landing the perfect job.  I was given the opportunity to enroll in the Medical Administrative Assistant Program at Haney Technical Center. The extra training has given me even more self confidence and increased my growth opportunities. 

The skills learned from the program are a must in the medical field.  I am having the opportunity to utilize all of the skills trained in the program.  Most importantly is the Medical Terminology, Medical Billing and Coding, Office Procedures, Insurance and billing.  My job duties are Electronic filing, Electronic Scanning, Data entry, and most of all Pathologist Transcriptionists among other Medical offices duties.  The department managers know that they can bring projects to me and it gives me the opportunity to work in multiple areas.   Enrolling in the Medical Administrative Assistant Program has been amazing for me." Deborah C, 

"The knowledge that I obtained in the Medical Administrative Specialist program has been extremely valuable. I was able to get my job even before I graduated. The medical terminology, billing, coding, and transcription that I use every day in my job as Lead Transcription/Medical Records at a very busy medical practice with several locations. The in depth coverage of HIPAA allows me to be very confident that the requests we receive are compliant and in the best interest of the patient's privacy.  I am still using the tools that I received from Mrs. Smith and the Medical Administrative Assistant program. I have had the opportunity to be on the advisory committee to help the curriculum grow and stay inline with the needs of today's medical offices.  This allows the students to have the most up-to-date education and allows them to have a smooth transition into the work place." Lori S,

"For two years I struggled to find a job after my previous job was abolished. I decided to go back to school at Haney in the Medical Administrative Specialist course. This gave me the knowledge I needed to get into a field with great advancement possibilities. I was hired by the first medical practice I applied for and now have the stable job I was searching for. Without the education I received from Haney, I don't know where I would be right now." Michelle W,


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