To find information about sexual predators or sexual offenders go to or or and you can locate where they live.




Social Networking Sites

Do you have an Instagram or Facebook?  These popular social networking sites are fun and creative ways to communicate  with friends, share ideas and express yourself. However, it's important to keep in mind that anything you post, including personal information and pictures, could remain on the internet forever for everyone to see.

Do you want everyone to know your information? Where you live? Work? Go to school? Hang out? What if it wasn't a kid looking at your site but a predator pretending to be a kid? Because you cannot see or hear the people you are taking to, it's easy for people to disguise themselves.

Many people think only their friends can see their information, but on social networking sites your "friends" are often people you've never really met. How many friends do you have on your sites? More importantly how many  "friends" on your social networking sites do you know in real life? Remember, colleges, universities and employers often search social networking sites to find out their prospective candidates. Does your information reflect the real you?