Saturday, September 21, 2019

Northside Elementary School teachers and staff provide an environment in which all students can develop a love of learning and self-direction through balanced and flexible, student-centered programs.  School Improvement goals focus on the improvement of reading, writing, math and science.  There are a variety of enrichment activities at Northside for families: parent/student academic engagement nights, open library, Book Fair, and community education activities.

Mission Statement

The students, parents and community of Northside Elementary School will provide an environment where students feel secure, valued and confident to learn in diverse ways while mastering skills to become life-long learners and contributors to the community.

School Beliefs
Student learning needs are a chief priority.
Students must be valued as individuals.
A safe physical and emotional environment is necessary for learning.
All stakeholders must share responsibility for supporting the beliefs and mission of the school. 


School Goals
All students need to develop a sense of security, love of learning, and self direction through a balanced, flexible, and student centered program.

All students need to develop maximum mental, physical, social, and moral growth, through the interaction of faculty and community. Citizenship is taught by exhibiting respect for all.

All students have an opportunity to satisfy needs by working toward an individualized program.