Wednesday, April 24, 2019

    Vikings SAIL to Succeed

At Northside Elementary School, we believe that teaching students good behavior is an important part of learning. As a result, we participate in the Positive Behavior Support (PBS) program. Research shows that schools using PBS have increased levels of learning and positive behavior because the focus is shifted to rewarding and acknowledging those students who exhibit “good” behavior rather than focusing on the students who exhibit “problem” behavior. Many exciting reward opportunities will be announced throughout the school year.

    All of the stakeholders in our school are involved in teaching our school-wide expectations and procedures. Students will be taught what appropriate and inappropriate behaviors look like in the halls, cafeteria, restrooms, bus area, car rider area, and classrooms. In addition, our school-wide expectations will be posted throughout the school and will be reinforced daily.

    Positive Behavior Support encourages students to continue doing all the right things even when they are not at school. Please take the opportunity to discuss the following expectations with your child:



    Northside Elementary is proud to be a part of the PBS program. We are looking forward to a year in which praise and meaningful rewards for good behavior allow students to learn in a safe, respectful, and positive school environment.