Friday, February 22, 2019

Brief History

New Horizons Learning Center was created in 1997 and classified as a Second Chance School by the Florida Department of Education. That meant we had a unique opportunity to serve a special population of high-risk students. In 1995 the Florida Legislature amended the Dropout Prevention Act and created, in section 230.2316(3), Florida Statutes, the Second Chance Schools Program for students who are severely disruptive, violent, habitually truant, or are adjudicated. Two features of Second Chance Schools differentiated them from traditional schools and alternative education programs. 

  • First, they were provided flexibility through waivers to state requirements in several areas, including curriculum and service delivery. 

  • Second, school districts entered into cooperative agreements with at least one community partner (e.g., Department of Juvenile Justice, private providers, local law enforcement agencies, or other agencies) to provide academic, vocational, social/emotional, health, and other necessary services.

Most recently, New Horizons dropped the Second Chance designation since the waivers once needed to operate are now in state statute. However, we still serve the same categories of students as noted above.In the 2008-2009 school year New Horizons was designated as a Title I school. With this designation comes the expectation for improved student performance and additional funding to help reach this goal.  We are a Bay District School, just like any other school in Bay County, and abide by the same policies and regulations and our students will take all the state required tests, such as the FSA and specific course EOC's.  Our entire staff is employed by the Bay County School Board. The Florida State Standards guide our classroom instruction and, because of our low teacher to student ratio, we are also able to focus on providing life skills, social skills, pre-employment skills, and anger management skills that will form the basis for students transitioning back to their home school or into jobs in our community after graduation.                                                          


 New Horizons Learning Center  3200 Minnesota Avenue || Panama City, Florida 32405                                               (Phone) 850-767-1110    (Fax) 850-767-1111