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Patronis PTO Mission Statement

We are super excited about this year and we hope that you will join us in our efforts to bring our school, parents, teachers and students together!

This year's PTO board is focused on enhancing the classroom by:

·       * Supporting teachers and their needs as they face more and more budget cuts.

·       * Promoting open discussion and communication with parents and teachers via social media and electronic communication.

·       * Encouraging families to get involved with our school through volunteerism during the school day and at special events.

·       * Rewarding and celebrating outstanding achievers in academic programs such as Accelerated Reader.

·       * Providing support for teachers and students before, during and after FCAT testing.

·       * Bringing our community and school together through Panther Partners.

Our largest focus is to make sure that every parent, teacher, staff member, and student has the opportunity to get involved! If you are interested in finding out how you can help, email us and let us know! There is something for everyone at Patronis Elementary!

We hope that you consider joining PTO and supporting our endeavors.

After all, it is about School, Parents, and Teachers working together for our kids!