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Patronis Elementary Music Program


Kenny Kirkland, music teacher

 The music program at Patronis Elementary is a comprehensive curriculum based upon the Florida Sunshine State Standards. Through the development of an integrated curriculum with quality assessment, student achievement is increased while developing both an aesthetic and cultural awareness. Music development techniques such as kodaly, orff, and dalcroze are utilized to teach basic musical concepts and skills. Students in kindergarten through fifth grade attend music for a period of forty-five minutes on a three-day rotation once a semester. Performance- based assessment lies at the root of any music programs.

    Special events such as the Haunted Music, Kindergarten Teddy Bear Day, and the First and Second Grade Christmas and Spring Concerts are held annually at Patronis. Third through Fifth grade students are trained on the recorder thus preparing them for further music studies at the secondaryl level.

Patronis Chorus

    The Patronis Chorus is an auditioned group comprised of 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students. The group meets weekly after school and requires a commitment by the students to insure its success. Since the group's formation in 1995, the Chorus has been synonymous with quality musical entertainment for civic organizations and charity events. Annually, the Chorus participates in the "Music in the Parks" competition. The competition is open to elementary through high school choral and band organizations throughout the United States.

    In past competitions the Chorus has received superior ratings, the Judges' Choice Award for Best Choral Group, Outstanding Soloist Awards, and the Espirit De Corps Award (Best Overall Behavior)