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Almanac:   Dictionaries, encyclopedias and almanacs online

Art:   Internet Public Library ... click on Reference and then Art & Humanities!
   Excellent with annotated links to a wide range of resources.

Articles:  Free access to full-text and abstract articles from 1998 to present.  Search by subject, magazine title or keyword.  Background, policy information, and multiple viewpoints on hot issues.

Art:     Thousands of pieces of art work and photos   Thousands of pieces of clipart

Astronomy:    An astronomical internet resource that contains pointer to various resources.

Authors:   Women writers throughout history.   Critical and biographical websites about authors and their works.  A quick reference for literature resources--authors and literature by type.  LSU Libraries Webliography author guides.  19th century British and Irish authors.  good site for women writers.  List of authors with links to the web.

Authors, British:  16th century renaissance English authors and their works (1485-1603).  Anthology of Middle English literature (1350-1485). Essays and articles on the authors and their works.     English Literature: early 17th century (1603-1660). Includes biographical information and links to sources on the web.

Aztecs:      Aztec manuscripts

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Biology:  A wide-ranging metasite that covers 36 major topical areas.      

Biographies  A biographical dictionary.  search 25,000 biographies!  Extensive directory of links.  Some primary biographical source materials.  Largest guide to biography sites on the web.  Contains 2.5 million short entries.  Notable Hispanics  Classical composers' archive - index to sources on people in science, technology and medicine.;query=People;subsearch=People;searchtype=subject  list of sites for individual people.

Books:  An index to Online Great Books in English,

Bright Futures Website  Bright Futures Information Website  Bright Futures application

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Careers:   Military career guide online    U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Handbook 2002-03

Clip art:   Thousands of pieces of clipart

Cloning:  An informative, interesting, and well-organized site   how cloning works  Site has links and government information.

College Prep:   Preparing your child for college online Web ware for the SAT The Student Guide to financial aid online  The SmartStudent Guide to financial aid This site contains a wealth of free SAT study content including streaming vido, a custom study plan creator, and many practice problems.

Computer Science:  a collection of computer science bibliography.  Learn about the basics of ethics in computing or more advanced research in all areas of computer ethics.

Countries: Click on country listing to find the guide to country profiles. Great for geography or history classes. Countries of the world

Critical Analysis:  Online literary criticism collection - 4,492 critical and biographical websites about authors.  The best of literature, authors, drama, film, writing, and literary magazines on the net.  CyberGuides on the web for grades 9-12.  Literary Criticism on the Web.  Perspectives in American Literature  Source for literary analysis on the web.
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Debate topics:

Marine Natural Resources   An overview of the current framework through the use of links to legislative summaries, programmatic summaries, supporting information, and spatial data layers.  Summary of the Oceans Act of 2000  Overview of Laws and Regulations Protecting Whales  New York division of Fish, Wildlife & Marine Resources  Shrimp Fishery and Sea Turtle Concerns  NRPA is a consortium of environmental groups dedicated to the protection of the marine environment of Raritan Bay, and Lower New York Harbor.  Links to information on specific Ocean Policy topics. There are currently 728 total links to choose from.  American Fisheries Society The Florida Department of Environmental Protection Coral reefs Environmental news network Offshore Drilling Arguing ocean protection on the affirmative Arguing ocean protection on the negative. Page lists the topics sanctioned by the Florida Forensic League as well as the new NFL Debate event. High School debate resources page Science Daily research page Policy topic information Official Home of the Florida Forensic League

Dictionary:  Dictionaries, encyclopedias and almanacs online

Dictionary- Latin:  Allows users to type in word stems for a list of Latin words.

Disease - childhood: Comprehensive site for childhood diseases.  information on poisons, croup and seizures  The family doctor on-line.  Site on childhood illness and conditions.

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Economics:    Internet Public Library ... click on Reference and then  Business & Economics!  Panama City News Herald newspaper  The Wall Street Journal  Wall Street Journal - Classroom edition - interactive information center for young adults.  Price Waterhouse Coopers  Motley Fool  sites under finance, economics, stock quotes, investment, cooperatives, employment, global economy, marketing, advertising, real estate, finance, small business, taxes, trade, etc.  Internal Revenue Service - tax information, e-file, etc.  stock quotes, company performance, industry news, ask questions.  Federal Reserve Bank of New York  Stock market information and game  advice on how to avoid being ripped off on such things as music clubs, credit cards, internet scams, etc.  Chicago Board of Trade - futures market.  Parents can deposit money into an account for their children - even if under 18- they can then bank, shop, donate money, etc. on line.   Big charts - stock charts  Smart money market map.  Daily stock market movement.  A big picture perspective on the market.   American Association of Individual Investors.  A nonprofit organization that educates investors.   Get the best rates on an auto loan, checking account, an IRA, and comparison shopping.   Three sections - markets, money and life.   Over-the-counter market.   Rating guide to online brokers, banks, insurance and other institutions.   Online edition of Money Magazine   Provides data and analysis on mutual funds, stocks and other investments.   Guide to educated investment decisions.  Provides individual investors with stock quotes, news, etc.  Check your credit rating.  Check your credit rating.  comprehensive site!   

Earth Day:  Official earth day site.

Elements:  Spectra of gas discharges Spectra of gas discharges Great site!

Encyclopedia:  Dictionaries, encyclopedias and almanacs online

ESOL Teacher Sites:

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Florida State Legislature:  Mega site for the state of Florida.  Searchable  Official internet site of the Florida Legislature  Florida's official census site

French Language:  Links to over 7000 French language sites and French educational sites.  collection of web sites for learning and teaching French and Spanish. Links to sites in the areas of French history, current events, language, literature and art and culture.  Probably the most comprehensive list of links to anything and everything French.  Facts about France, the spread of the French language and French contributions to world culture are found on this large web site.

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Garnishes and Food Creations:

Sites for viewing ideas for carving and food creation creation with fruits and vegetables.

Cooking tips and steps on how to carve and garnish foods to be creative:,2058,4829,00.html

Government:     Internet Public Library ... click on Reference and then Law, Government & Political Science!

   History, speeches, press releases and other documents.
   United States House of Representatives Web site.  Write your congressman.  Find out about current legislation.
   United States Senate.  Features current legislation.  Write your Senator.
    NASA office of space flight
    The Smithsonian Institution
    Thomas Jefferson's home
    Go to news and media.
    Federal Election Commission - campaign finance law, reports, elections and voting.
    Financial data filed with the Federal Election

   Allen Boyd - United States Representative
   League of Women Voters
   Federal Judiciary homepage.  Prominent cases
    National Archives and Records Administration
   Homepage of the United States Supreme Court
   Look up court cases and more.
   Peace Corps homepage.
   Census Bureau

  Bay county Board of Commissioners
  Bay County Supervisor of Elections
  Bay District School Board
  League of Women Voters Bay County
  Panama City News Herald newspaper

  The Official Internet site of the Florida              Legislature
  Associated Industries of Florida - deals with bills that affect businesses.
  Department of corrections.  Facts about prisons and prisoners; early release program.
   Division of Elections, Department of  State.  Campaign contributions, voting , population, etc.  Online voter registration.
   Office of the Governor State of Florida
   Public Service Commission.  Agendas and rulings.
   Government services online
   Republican Party of Florida
   State of Florida.  Department of State
   Agriculture Commissioner                         

General Reference: - information about everything - Library of Congress - National Archives and Records Administration - Library Spot helps you locate the best-quality library and reference information on the internet.  We found an excellent source of biographies here.  If you don't look at anything else, look at this. - British Reference Site  Selected internet resources covering all academic subject areas.   INFOMINE- a collection of scholarly resources.  The WWW Virtual library subject catalogue.  The internet public library  InfoJunkies anonymous- includes "reference & research  resources: subject index.  A selective collection of topical guides Words of humankind.  Information about many subjects.  A country by country and state by state guide to education resources around the world.  The web's reference engine.

Geography:  A virtual library dealing with Latin American studies.  All aspects of life in the Carribbean, Central America, South America and North America

The Great Depression - Decade of the 1930's  The main causes of the Great depression  American life histories - Manuscripts from the federal writers project Great Depression recipes  Great site! A hotlist of resource links. Comprehensive web site on the New Deal  Treasure trove of images of the great Depression  Information on daily life during the Depression  Information on the social effects of the Depression

Greek Gods and Goddesses:  This site is devoted to the heroes, gods and monsters of Greek Mythology.  Online Books -- Bulfinch's Mythology

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Health & Medical Sciences:    Internet Public Library ... click on Reference and then Health & Medical Sciences!

History:   Recipes from the Medieval period.  For recipes used by various ethnic groups during historical periods. 

History, American:     Unlocks stories from America's past.

History, Primary Sources: The University of California Library Primary Sources on the web.  Includes international treaties, laws and legal codes.  Primary historical documents from Western Europe.  Selected transcription, facsimiles and translations.  Internet history sourcebook.  History online.  Internet library of early journals.              Historical newspapers online.             World War II resources.  The American memory collection.  The National Archives Search.  Listing of websites on primary sources for the research scholar.  Conversations with history.  Unedited interviews with distinguished men and women.

Human Genome Project  Multimedia Video introduction  How to Sequence a Genome Video Lesson plans  

Humanities:    Internet Public Library ... click on Research and the Arts & Humanities!  Best web pages for humanities research.  A great humanities web site!

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Immigration:   Angel Island-immigrant journeys of Chinese-Americans   Angel Island immigration station.   National Park Service information on Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island  Quarantine station at Angel Island   Ellis Island History
Internationalism    An online global community.   International Baccaulaureat Organization.   Global educational  program.   daily magazine exploring global economy.  A WWW virtual library on International Affairs Resources, over 2000 annotated links.  Homepage for the Association of the Advancement of International Education.  American forum for global education.

Inventions:  Invention Dimension -American inventors  Inventors online - organized by categories.

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Latin:   Links to Latin-English and multilingual dictionaries, study aides, and literature resources. Free, downloadable program drills users on Latin grammar.

Lewis and Clark Expedition: Primary documents organized by chapters  PBS web site full of information about Lewis and Clark  Lewis & Clark's historic trail includes printable maps
Libraries: Northwest Regional Library System (Bay County Public Library) online  Gulf Coast Community College Library online   Library of Congress online Encyclopedias, maps and libraries online

Literary Criticism:  Online literary criticism collection  Literary criticism on the web.  CyberGuides for grades 9 - 12.  Perspectives in American literature, a research and reference guide.  Premier source for literary analysis.

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Maps:  enormous collection of online maps  Maps made for printing  collection of continent/hemisphere maps  outline maps of the states Encyclopedias, maps and libraries online

Marine Biology:  Great links to more.

Mathematics:  Math Archives and links to other mathematics related sites.   Premiere site for Math History.  Ask your math questions here! a mathematical encyclopedia site has a math search engine, resources by subject, ask Dr. Math, and much more free resource for math review material from Algebra to Differential Equations!  SAT help

Mathematics, IB Link Sites:   187 math links organized by categories   An amusement park of math  Links to resources in math and science  Catalog of mathematics resources on WWW  Mathematics education sites on the web  topics in mathematics, software, teaching materials, links, etc.  Site is searchable Mathematical sites from the popular search engine site.

Mathematics, Interactive:  Interactive mathematical activities  Over 1000 virtual reality polyhedra to explore  Online symbolic integration  A Java applet that solves quadratic equations  Interactive programs that you can manipulate and a lot of animation that helps you to grasp the meaning  large site of interactive applications
Mathematics, Statistics Sources:  links to statistical resources  Singapore statistics and links to international data  World fact book 2002         

Media Web Sites:  All politics  CNN network  C-Span coverage of congress, hearings, and much more  MSNBC  New York Times newspaper  Panama City News Herald newspaper  Time Magazine  Wall Street Journal newspaper  Washington Post newspaper  USA Today newspaper  Wall Street Journal Classroom Edition- interactive information center for young adults.  Prominent cases

Medieval Studies:  An internet medieval sourcebook of full and partial-text documents of medieval historical topics.  Official site for the Society for Creative Anachronism an organization dedicated to recreating 17th century European history.  Internet glossary of Castle Terms and more.  A single index of medieval resources on the internet.  Age of King Charles V (1338-1380)  Digital images of Medieval manuscripts.  Links to online images from manuscript collections around the world.   Explores ancient world cultures.  Medieval art and architecture  Medieval Feminist Index. Annotated index that covers women during the Middle Ages.  Medieval Technology Pages - Covers technological innovations and related subjects during the Middle Ages.  The Medieval World Encyclopedia  Portrays ever day life in Medieval times.  Sections on feudal life, religion, homes, clothing, health, arts, and town life.  Paris at the time of Philippe-Auguste. Heart of site deals with daily life in Paris during this time - food, storms, floods, clothing, trades, etc.  Site describes aspects of the European Renaissance including its origins, rise of navigation and trade, development of the printing press, and arts. Society for Creative Anachronism - dedicated to researching and recreating pre-17th Century European History.

Music:   Internet Public Library ...  click on Research and the Arts and Humanities!  The Cyber Encyclopedia of Musical Theatre, TV & Film.

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 Native American:   A directory with links to American Indian cultural, historical, and legal resources.

Nutrition and Diet:     Internet Public Library ... click on Home Economics, see nutrition and diet!

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Oceanography:  - The National Marine Educators Association (NMEA) Website

Oceanography: - The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Foundation

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Performing Arts:     Internet Public Library ... click on Reference and the Arts & Humanities!

Physics:   The world's most comprehensive index to on-line physics resources!

Pictures:   Wide variety of images you can copy.

Poets:   Academy of American poets.

Political Science:    Depth and breadth of political science resources.

Psychology:  Cognition and Brain Sciences ...lots of  fascinating Applied Psychology experiments described.   British Psychological Society  A comprehensive selection of sources...excellent for ideas, experiments, descriptions, reviews, results, etc.    Large, comprehensive...lots of ideas here!    Drama Therapy...great ideas for students.  American Psychology Association Monitor on Psychology online journal.  Tons of magazine articles online.  A database of American Scientist articles. A guide to philosophy on the internet.  Philosophy around the web.

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Recipes:    Recipes by countries... easy to find.  Click the flag to bring up recipes.   Better Homes and Garden ...see recipe center.    Top 10 recipes!  Excellent food site. Searchable database of over 11,000 recipes.  Searchable archive of 30,000 recipes. A collection of Asian food terms and recipes.  Everything about ethnic foods and holiday food traditions.  Extensive collection of recipes, by country. Browse recipes and cooking traditions by country or region.  Greek recipes! for recipes from Asian countries.

Research help:  Site deals with basic search strategies.  Seven steps to effective library research.

Road Trip:
     Rental Cars   Avis Rental  Budget Rental  Hertz Rental
     Calculators (Mileage)  Road trip planner
     State Gas Prices  State gas prices  estimated gas mileage for cars
  Rand McNally
  Lycos Maps
  Yahoo Maps
     Hotels and Motels
  HM USA travel guide

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9/11 As History Website

Science:    Internet Public Library ... click on Research and then Health and Medical  Science!

Shakespeare:   Site contains many links to Shakespeare on the internet.

Social Studies:     Internet Public Library ... click on Reference and then Social Studies!   Research resources for the social sciences.

Sociology:   Gateway to social science information.

Spanish Language and Culture:             A free, online tutorial for learning Spanish.   collection of web sites for learning and teaching French and Spanish.   En Espanol is a window on the Spanish speaking world.  Some features are bilingual, majority are Spanish, with links to newspapers and  cultural sites.

Stock Market:   Motley fool investing service   Go to Finance  Investment charting and research site   Comprehensive stock site   Bloomberg market report   Nasdaq home site   Tools needed to make investment decisions   Tools needed to make investment decisions   Money magazine home page   Comprehensive market site   Online buying guide   Accurate research information
Supreme Court:   summaries of the major cases of the current term with links to laws and Court decisions.

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Teacher Links: 
      New York Times Teacher Connection.   Provides internet connectivity and training for teachers.   best of online collaborative learning

Teen Parenting:

Time:  U. S. time zones and the history of timekeeping

To Kill a Mockingbird  Library Research Assignment

       TKM Web Pages:  good primary source documents  Student survival guide! annotation of the text-chapter by chapter.
   women's roles in early 20th century

        The Great Depression  The main causes of the Great depression   American life histories - Manuscripts from the federal writers project  Great Depression recipes   Great site! A hotlist of resource links.

        Harper Lee   Mega site for Harper Lee and To Kill a Mockingbird.
        Authors:   Women writers throughout history.   Critical and biographical websites about authors and their works.   A quick reference for literature resources--authors and literature by type.   LSU Libraries Webliography author guides.   19th century British and Irish authors.   good site for women writers.   List of authors with links to the web.
       Civil Rights Movement:   Civil Rights movement from 1955-1965
         Civil War:   Wealth of information on the Civil War

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Viruses:    Catalog of virus pictures and educational resource for information.   A virology site complete with computer enhanced images of viruses.     A collection of all the virology related web sites of interest to virologists.    Search Cnn's database for information.   A biography of Jonas Salk  Search the site for the latest research news. World Health Organization  Communicable disease fact sheet.  Cells Alive! web page.  Pitsco's ask an expert web page.  New York state department of health site

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West Nile Virus:  The West Nile Virus Home Page of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

World History:  Extensive collection of resources for studying the ancient world.

World War II:   World War II Links on the internet

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Youth Tutoring Youth:   Teacher Zone for Lesson Plans and Kid Zone for Activites    Check out the lesson plan index.   Projects for elementary students.  Busy Teacher's Website K-12  Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators

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