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Rosenwald High School is an alternative school located in the northeastern part of Panama City.  The facility was built over fifty years ago but has been modernized with state-of-the-art technology.   The campus has a media center, four computer labs, a multi-purpose room, cafeteria, gymnasium, science labs and a teen parenting program.  Rosenwald’s last graduating class was in 1967. In August 2009, Rosenwald re-opened as a high school for alternatively placed students in need of credit recovery.  

Our school population is comprised of students with families from various economic levels, as well as diverse backgrounds.  We serve eighth thru twelfth grade students throughout Bay County desiring an alternative setting as they pursue their educational goals.  We are committed to engaging, supporting and guiding our students as they make choices that affect their present status and future aspirations.   Ultimately, we expect all graduates to leave Rosenwald either college-bound or career-ready.  

As a Title I school, we receive federal assistance based on the number of low-income families enrolled in the school.  These funds supplement the regular school budget to provide students’ access to programs and scientifically-based instructional strategies.  We are continuously striving to ensure all students have the opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and reach proficiency on challenging state academic standards and assessments.  Rosenwald implements a multitude of strategies in order to contribute to our students’ academic success.  We adhere to the components of the Secondary Comprehensive Reading Plan to address the needs of all our students.  Data is collected and disaggregated from a variety of assessments (Florida Standards Assessments, Discovery Education, End of Course exams, Agile Mind, etc.) throughout the school year.  This data is then used to inform instruction.  Teachers are trained to differentiate their classroom instruction so that all students have an opportunity to progress at their individual instructional level.  

In order to meet this goal, our teachers are offered professional development and opportunities to share in professional learning communities on a weekly basis.  Collaboration between the faculty members occurs across grade-levels, throughout content-areas, and even between schools.  Rosenwald has a Literacy Coach, Math Coach and Instructional Specialists to assist with professional development and implementation of school-wide strategies.  Students are given the chance to earn necessary credits on the computer-based Edgenuity Credit Recovery program.   Rosenwald also offers a block schedule so that students are given an extended opportunity to participate in critical thinking and rigorous assignments and discussions.  This schedule allows students to earn eight credits in on academic year.  We also offer our employed students the opportunity to enroll in the CO-OP/On the Job Training (OJT) program.   This program allows students to earn a high school credit while employed.  

Rosenwald is the only high school in the District to offer the Performance –based Exit Option as a graduation option.  This program is designed for students who are enrolled in high school full time but are at-risk of not graduating because they are behind in credits or have a low GPA.  The Class of 2010 was historic for us as we celebrated the re-opening of Rosenwald High School.  Rosenwald High School’s goal is to continue to work with students to ensure that graduation is a viable option for them.


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Rosenwald has implemented 2 wall to wall career academies to provide better aligned services to assist students in reaching their college or career goals. 

The two exciting academies are AgriTechnology Academy, and Academy of Hospitality and Tourism

Find out more at our district's Academies of Bay website. 

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August:  Responsibility
September:  Patriotism
October:  Citizenship
November:  Kindness
December:  Respect for Authority, Life, Liberty, and Personal Property
January:  Honesty
February:  Charity
March:  Self-Control
April:  Racial, Ethnic, and Religious Tolerance
May:  Cooperation
June:  Loyalty
July:  Perseverance

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