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Bylaws of the School Advisory Council

Article I
Name of the Organization

The name of this organization shall be the Margaret K. Lewis School in Millville School Advisory Council.
Article II
Purpose and Function
Section 1: The School Advisory Council (SAC) is a school-based group intended to represent the school, the community and those persons closest to the students. The group shares responsibility for guiding the school toward continuous improvement and shall be the body responsible for final decision-making at the school relating to school improvement and educational accountability. The School Advisory Council shall assist in the annual preparation and evaluation of the School Improvement Plan (SIP) required pursuant to s. 1001.42 (18) and in the preparation of the school’s annual budget and plan as required by s. 1008.385 (1).
Section 2: The function of the School Advisory Council is to provide stakeholders the opportunity to serve as active participants in the school improvement process and the opportunity to provide input into the budgetary process and allocation of recourses. Specific functions include, but may not be limited to, the following:
1.      Develop, review the implementation of, and assist with the evaluation of the School Improvement Plan.
2.      Assist in the preparation of the school’s annual budget and plan.
3.      Enlist, promote and support greater interaction between the school and the community.
4.      Consult with stake holders who are responsible for the implementation of the School Improvement Plan and provide support as needed and appropriate.
5.      Authorize the disbursement of school improvement funds and other monies related to school improvement in a manner consistent with the goals of the School Improvement Plan.
Article III
Representation, Membership Selection, and Tenure
Section 1: The School Advisory Council membership shall include the principal and an appropriately balanced number of teachers, education support employees, students, parents, as well as business and community citizens who are representative of the ethnic, racial, and economic community served by the school. Since Margaret K. Lewis School in Millville serves the entire Bay County community, every effort will be made to ensure that the makeup of the SAC mirrors the population of Bay County.
Section 2: The majority of the members of the School Advisory Council shall be persons who are not employed by the school district.
Section 3: Council members representing teachers, education support employees, students, and parents shall be elected by their respective peer groups at the school in a fair and equitable manner as follows:
1.      Teachers shall be elected by teachers.
2.      Education support employees shall be elected by education support employees.
3.      Students shall be elected by students.
4.      Parents shall be elected by parents.
SAC vacancies will be publicized and voting can occur by using written ballots or a show of hands. Voting results will be reflected in the official SAC minutes.
Section 4: Business and community members will be appointed by the principal. The principal and SAC will seek input on possible members from local business, chambers of commerce, community and civic organizations, and the public at large.
Section 5: Elected SAC members shall serve no more than a two year term unless reelected by their respective group. Appointed members shall not be term limited. Every effort will be made to stagger members’ terms inn order to ensure continuity from year to year.
Section 6: Any member who has two unexcused consecutive absences from a properly noticed School Advisory Council meeting shall be replaced according to applicable election/ appointment procedures. Replacement members shall fill the remainder of the unexpired term. An unexcused absence is defined as a failure to notify the school and provide a reason for an impending absence in advance of the scheduled meeting.
Section 7: Elections of new SAC members shall be held in August of each year and installation of new members shall follow at the next regularly scheduled SAC meeting.
Article IV
Duties of Members and Officers
Section 1: Duties of Officers
The officers of this Council shall be a Chairperson, a Vice-Chairperson, and a Secretary. The Council shall elect officers at the first regular meeting of the school year. The specific duties of each officer are as follows:
          Chairperson-The chairperson shall preside at all meetings of the Council and shall serve as a de facto member of all committees.
          Vice-Chairperson-The vice-chairperson shall act as an aside to the chairperson and preside in the chairperson’s absence. In case of a vacancy in the office of chairperson, the vice-chairperson shall become chairperson for the remainder of the term.
          Secretary- The secretary shall keep minutes of the meetings and shall be responsible for such correspondence as is delegated by the chairperson. The secretary shall document SAC activities, decisions, and attendance. Approved minutes of SAC meetings shall be forwarded to the School Board as required.
Section 2: Duties of Members
                   Principal- The principal shall provide information and data to the Council so as to facilitate the school improvement process and the appropriate allocation of resources. Through positive actions, the principal will develop feelings of trust and mutual respect among the SAC, the parents, the community, the staff and the students. The principal also shall arrange for presentations of interest to the SAC in order to keep members informed and aware of school curricula, programs and activities.
                  Faculty and Staff Representatives- The members of the school staff shall represent the views and interest of the total school staff. They will serve as resources to the SAC by sharing information about educational programs, innovative ideas, student progress, and available and needed resources. They shall serve as the communication link between SAC and the staff, informing them of Council activities and actions.
                 Parents, Business, and Community Representatives- The parents, business, and community members shall represent the views of their respective group thought the school improvement and budgeting process. They shall act as a resource regarding community related issues affecting the school and other students and will serve as a communication link between the SAC and other parents, businesses, and community groups.
                Student Representatives- Student members shall serve as voting representatives of all students. They will relay ideas, concerns and recommendations from the student body.
Article V
All SAC meetings will be held in accordance with the Florida Sunshine State Law. The date and time of meetings will be advertised at least seven days in advance and the meetings will be open to an accessible to the public. Minutes will be taken at every meeting and approved minutes shall be made available to the school community and public via the school’s website. Hard copies will be available upon request.
Section 1: SAC meetings shall ne held on the first Monday of each month and will begin at 2:45 pm. A special meeting may be called with reasonable public notice.
Section 2: Members will be notified in writing at least here days in advance of any matter that is scheduled to come before the council for a vote.
Section 3: A quorum must be present before a vote can be taken by the School Advisory Council. A majority of the membership shall constitute a quorum (50%+1).
Section 4: SAC approved expenditures from school improvement funds shall be obtained by the following the purchasing process adopted by the school and approved by the School Board.
Section 5: The SAC will operate under Robert’s Rule or Order.
Article VI
As needed and appropriate, SAC Committees may be formed to research and make recommendations regarding specific topics affecting the organization and school. Additional committee members may be solicited from stakeholder groups as needed to complete the work of the committee. The SAC Chairperson shall serve as a member of each committee. A final report of any committee shall be given to SAC members at a regularly scheduled meeting and included in the SAC minutes.
Article VII
Amendments and Revisions
Section 1: The bylaws may be amended at any regular SAC meeting by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present. Members must receive written notice of the proposed changes a minimum of three days prior to the meeting when the vote will occur. A quorum is required to be present before the vote can be taken.
Section 2: The SAC shall review annually the Bylaws and when appropriate, recommend revisions. The adoption of revised Bylaws shall follow the procedure for amendments.
Statutory Authority: Florida Statutes 1001.452; 1008.345; 1008.36; 1008.385; 1001.41; 1001.42; 1000.03; 286.011; 24.121
Revision Date: March 1, 2010
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