Welcome to the Lynn Haven Elementary Web Site!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to EVERYONE for a smooth start to the 2018-19 school year!  I am so very proud to serve as principal at our historic school, and have had an amazing time working so far with my faculty and staff in our aspiration to make Lynn Haven Elementary a MODEL school that others look to for an example of excellence.  We believe we will achieve greatness, and have made plans to do just that. 

At Lynn Haven Elementary, we use research from the UChicago Impact group to drive all that we do.  This research states that if we focus on five things, we will continually improve as a school and produce amazing young people.  The five essential elements of great schools are: 

  • Effective Leadership, 
  • Collaborative Teachers, 
  • Involved Families, 
  • A Supportive Environment, and  
  • Ambitious Instruction. 
The research shows that schools that focus on these five elements are 10 times more likely to improve over schools that do not.  You will continue to hear from me regarding these five elements and how we are using them to provide the BEST educational environment possible for your family.  I welcome you to talk with me about this when I see you on campus!

John Cannon