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Visual Arts at Patronis



    At Patronis the goal is for each child to enjoy and appreciate art, to become proficient in a variety of media, and have a working understanding of the Elements of Art and the Principals of design.  Students attend art every third day for one semester.  During that time students are exposed to a variety of experiences that not only cover the Sunshine State Standards for art, but also touch on many language arts, math, science, and social studies standards as well.  Students are encouraged to see their environment in a creative light, try new things, appreciate all forms of art, feel good about and take pride in their creations, work together, and work safely.  Students are assessed using the Sunshine State Standards; “Talent” is never a factor when evaluating success.


Art events that showcase Patronis students' work include, but are not limited to, The Bay County Fair, Nature’s Gallery, The Nelson Building Display, The Bay County Library Display, Beach Bay Optimist Club Art Contest, and The Best of Bay Art Show. 

Be sure to check back to see pictures of student work.