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Boys and Girls Track

Boys Coach - Robert Blair               Girls Coach - Martha Wright


Date  Schools
 1st Day of practice, Monday, February 23, 2015 
 Tues., March 10th  Everitt, Jinks, Breakfast Point, Merritt Brown 
 Thur., March 12th  Surfside, Bay Haven, Mowat, North Bay Haven @ Bozeman
 Tues., March 17th  Merritt Brown, Surfside, Everitt, Mowat @ Gavlak (Surfside Hosts)
 Thur., March 19th  Jinks, North Bay Haven, Bay Haven, Breakfast Point
 Tues., March 31st  North Bay Haven, Merritt Brown, Bay Haven, Everitt
 Thurs., April 2nd  Mowat, Breakfast Point, Surfside, Jinks @ Gavlak
 Tues., April 7th County Meet @ Gavlak @ 1 p.m., Breakfast Point is the host.
Rain date is Thursday, April 9th