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FCAT Math Strategies

~ Read each question carefully and think about ways to solve the problem before you try to answer the question. 
~ Answer the questions you are sure about first. If a question seems too difficult, skip it and go back to it later. 
~ Be sure to fill in the answer bubbles correctly. Do not make any stray marks around answer spaces. 
~ Think positively. Some problems may seem hard to you, but you may be able to figure out what to do if you read each question carefully. 
~ When you have finished each problem, reread it to make sure your answer is reasonable. 
~ Relax. Some people get nervous about tests. It's natural. just do your best.   

~ Learn how to answer each kind of question.  FSA and EOC mathematics tests have several types of questions, including but not limited to: multiple-choice, equation response, drag-and-drop, multi-select, graph, gridded-response, short-response, and extended-response.
~ Allow about 5 minutes to answer the "Think, Solve, Explain" questions and about 10 to 15 minutes to answer the long ones.
~ Read the question carefully.
~ If you do not understand the question, read and answer one part at a time.
~ Be sure to answer every part of the question.
~ Use numbers and other information from the problem to answer the question.
~ Show your work. This shows that you understand how to solve the problem.
~ Write your explanations in clear, concise language. Use only the space provided.
~ Check your work to make sure the procedure and calculations are correct.
~ Reread your explanation to make sure it says what you want it to say.