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Surfside Returns to a Regular Bell Schedule on Monday, December 10th. School will start at 9:00 am and end at 3:44 pm.

Message from Administration:

Surfside thanks all of the wonderful parents and friends who have supported our school and school families following Hurricane Michael.  You have responded with food, clothing and supplies with terrific generosity.  At this time, we have exhausted all our storage space for clothing, so we are unable to accept donations of clothes until further notice.  We can still use school supplies for students, so we will continue to accept these and funnel them

Please know that we are so grateful to all of you for your care and concern for our families and will remember your kindness.  We will certainly share our needs with you as they arise, knowing that you will respond as always.  Thank you, thank you!

Chromebook Contract



All employees and agents of a public school district, charter school or private school have an obligation and legal responsibility to report misconduct by instructional personnel and school administrators which affects the health, safety or welfare of a student.  Likewise, all parents, vendors and members of the public are encouraged to report any misconduct that may affect the health, safety or welfare of a student.

If you see something of concern on this campus please report it immediately, and confidentially, to the School Principal by calling 850-767-5180 or emailing If, for some reason, you are not comfortable reporting this at the school level, please contact HR Director Sharon Michalik at 850-767-4278 or ​via email at
Mission Statement

The Surfside Middle School family will provide an innovative and flexible environment for educational excellence, recognizing the individuality of each student. By providing a safe environment, integrating a standards based curriculum, and fostering self-esteem, our school will continue to provide an atmosphere that enhances student performance in all academic areas.