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Expectations of Bay District School Board in regard to bullying (Policy 7.207)
The School Board expects students and employees to conduct themselves in keeping with their levels of development, maturity, and demonstrated capabilities with a proper regard for the rights and welfare of other students and school staff, the educational purpose underlying all school activities, and the care of school facilities and equipment.
1.     The School Board prohibits the bullying of any student or school employee:
a.     during any educational program or activity conduct by the District;
b.     during any school-related or school-sponsored program or activity or on a District school bus;
c.      through the use of any electronic device or data while on school grounds or on a computer system, or computer network of the District. The physical location or time of access of a computer-related incident cannot be raised as a defense in any disciplinary action initiated under this section;
d.     through threats using the above to be carried out on school grounds. This includes threats made outside of school hours, which are intended to be carried out during any school-related or school-sponsored program or activity, or on a District school bus; or
e.     while the District does not assume liability for incidences that occur at a bus stop or en route to and from school, a student or witness may file a complaint following the same procedures for bullying against a student and the school will investigate and/or provide assistance and intervention as the principal/designee deems appropriate, which may include the use of the School Resource Officer.
2.     All administrators, faculty, and staff, in collaboration with parents, students, and community members, will incorporate systemic methods for student and staff recognition through positive reinforcement for good conduct, self discipline, good citizenship, and academic success, as seen in the required school plan to address positive school culture and behavior,
3.     Student rights shall be explained as outlined in this policy and in the Student Code of Conduct.
4.     Proper prevention and intervention steps shall be taken based on the level of severity of infraction as outlined in this policy and in the Student Code of Conduct.
The full policy is available at www.bay.k12.fl.us or your child’s school.