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The District shall cooperate with the federal government and state agencies such as the Florida Department of Health in conducting student surveys. These surveys shall be conducted anonymously and shall contain no personally identifiable information from or on any individual student. Parents shall be notified of upcoming surveys that reveal information concerning one or more of the following items:
  •  political affiliations or beliefs of the student or the student’s parent;

  • mental and psychological problems of the student or the student’s family;

  • sexual behavior or attitudes;
  • illegal, anti-social, self-incriminating, or demeaning behavior;
  • critical appraisals of other individuals with whom respondents have close family relationships;
  • legally recognized privileged or analogous relationships, such as those of lawyers, physicians, and ministers;
  • religious practices, affiliations, or beliefs of the student or student’s parent; or
  • income (other than that required by law to determine eligibility for participation in a program or for receiving financial assistance under such program ).
No student shall be required to participate in such surveys if the student’s parent objects in writing to the student’s participation. Parents shall have the right to inspect any such survey instrument before the survey is administered or distributed if the request is made within a reasonable period of time. Parents shall be notified annually at the beginning of each school year of this policy and the notice shall include approximate dates during the school year when any such survey is administered.
Authority: §1001.41 , Fla . Sta t.
Law Implemented: PPRA, Public Law 107-110, Title X, Part F,
Section 1061
History: New, December 10, 2003