Tuesday, July 26, 2016
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School Times: 7:25 am- 2:00 pm

SPAR report for Florida DOE 

Tommy Smith Upcoming Events 

August 17- Orientation by grade level (Watch for times)

August 18- First Day of School

September 5- Labor Day No School

September 8- Open House

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Tommy Smith is a Positive Behavior Support School... we practice these
every day in all areas of our campus.

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Tommy Smith Award of Excellence

The Mr. Tommy Smith Award of Excellence is an award established in 2014 for students grades 3-5.  This is an “All A” award with categories designated as Attendance, Academics, Assistance, Activities and Acceptable Behavior. 

Students  will complete an application form for consideration.  Applications can be found in the Media Center or parents please visit the TSE website to download the application.  Application deadline is TBA.

The Mr. Tommy Smith Award of Excellence recipient will be honored on a newly established plaque to be placed in the front office as well as presented to the student body both via ITV as well as end-of-year awards assembly. 


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Tommy Smith Information


Tommy Smith Elementary has received a  "B" grade for 2015-2016 school year as designated by the Florida Department of Education.  It takes everyone -- our students, our teachers and staff, and parents -- to achieve this honor.  Please help us teach and model appropriate skills for our students each day so that we can continue this tradition of excellence!

 School Vision
Together the Tommy Smith Elementary family will create a school of excellence by being safe, respectful, and responsible. 

Mission Statement
Together the TSE team will use data-based strategies to teach academic and behavioral standards to ensure student success.

School Announcements


Illness:   Visits 

A child who has been ill with a fever 
should NOT return to school until there
has been no fever for 24 hours without
the aid of Tylenol or other fever reducers. 


For the safety of our students, all visitors to Tommy Smith must report to the school office and present photo ID in order to:
►  Go anywhere on Campus
►  Check your Child out of School
►  Eat lunch with your child

Healthy Panthers:
As we celebrate during this holiday
season, please remember that Tommy
Smith Elementary prefers that foods
or treats sent for classroom and school
functions be purchased or single-wrapped
items. We appreciate your help in 
providing a safe and healthy environment
for our students.



PTO NEWS... Thank you PTO for all you do. PTO meets the first Tuesday or each month.




Effective February 1st, 2016, our campus will be closed after 7:30 am. Students who arrive after 7:30 am will no longer be walked to class by their parent or guardian. Students will check in at the front office and be sent to class. A staff member will assist pre-K and K students to class if necessary. If a parent wishes to visit a classroom, it must be prearranged with the teacher, and that parent/guardian must have a volunteer form on file to volunteer in the classroom. Please let our front office staff know that you have an arrangement with the teacher, and they will call the teacher to verify and let them know you are coming to their classroom.

   ALL visitors who come on campus after 7:30 am must present valid identification and be scanned into our Raptor system in the front office. This badge must be visible the entire time one is on campus.

For parents already on campus before 7:30 am, they will not be required at this point to be scanned through the front office, but it is expected that they exit the classroom promptly at 7:30 so our instructional day can begin.

If you wish to eat lunch with your child, you may do so by continuing to check into the front office. However, unless previously arranged by the teacher, you may only be on campus during your child’s lunch time.

Thank you for helping us make Tommy Smith an amazing and SAFE place to learn.


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Tommy Smith Pledge


I pledge to TommySmith  Elementary
To be the best student that I can be
It is my desire for all to know
That I want to be 
wherever I go
I will do for others what I expect
To always be  kind and have 
I will show everyone that I am capable
Of being a person who is 
Each day I have a brand new start
To take the challenge to do my part
I will act in a way for others to see
That being SAFE, RESPECTFUL,and 
RESPONSIBLE begins with me. 
                          -written by        
                           Sandie Blaich     


Important Information
All employees and agents of a public school district, charter school or private school have an obligation and legal responsibility to report misconduct by instructional personnel and school administrators which affects the health, safety or welfare of a student.  Likewise, all parents, vendors and members of the public are encouraged to report any misconduct that may affect the health, safety or welfare of a student.

If you see something of concern on this campus please report it immediately, and confidentially, to the School Principal by calling 850-767-1688 or emailing whitfcj@bay.k12.fl.us
If, for some reason, you are not comfortable reporting this at the school level, please contact HR Director Sharon Michalik at 850-767-4278 or ​via email at Michasj@bay.k12.fl.us
School Newsletter

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