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Music Department 



Mrs. Allison Beck, FAA Director / Teacher
Music Specialist








MU.A.2:       The student performs on instruments, alone, a varied repertoire of music.
MU.A.3: The student reads music.
MU.B.2: The student composes and arranges music within specific guidelines.
MU.C.1: The student knows music and composers that represent various historical periods and cultures.
MU.D.2:  The student evaluates music and music performance.
MU.E.2: The student understands the relationship between music and the world beyond the school setting and applies appropriate audience behavior in various musical settings such as school recitals, symphony concerts, parades, etc...

                              HONORS EARNED

National Anthem Project:
Tommy Smith Elementary School received national recognition by Music Educators National Conference-The National Organization for Music Teachers for promoting The National Anthem Project for the past two years. Every morning during the announcements students sing, either solo or a small group of singers, the Star Spangled Banner on ITV. If they sing a solo, they receive a certificate and their name on a star in the Star Spangled Banner club. The purpose is to promote learning the words to our National Anthem, a worthy project. 

     All State Elementary Chorus      
Since the year 2000, the first year of All State Elementary Chorus, there have been 17 Tommy Smith students selected from the rigorous audition process to be honored to participate with 200 of the best fourth
and fifth grade singers in our state held in Tampa each year.


 Various groups / classes perform musical plays throughout the school year 


What is the Fine Arts Academy?           

Fine Arts Academy is for music enrichment for Tommy Smith Elementary students. Students in first grade through fifth grades are offered music lessons in a variety of music ensemble settings either before, during, or after school. Students enroll at the beginning of school in August. They must provide their own lesson book and instrument for most classes.

In addition to the Fine Arts Academy group lessons, each student attends General Music class for 45 minutes once per week for instruction based on the Sunshine State Standards/Grade Level Expectations for Music. Instruction includes Kodaly, Orff Schulwerk, Dalcroze and Fundamentals of Music. Students learn to love music by singing, playing a variety of classroom instruments, move to music, create their own music, and perform for an audience, if they wish.

 Please See the Newsletter Tab for Fine Art Brochure


The Tommy Smith Culture Club goal is to encourage all students in grades K,1,2,3,4, and 5 and their families to attend cultural events in and around the community. Students earn points by attendance or performance in a concert, or visiting a museum or entering art contests, or attending any other cultural institution. The student brings a note to the music or art teacher and we keep track of the points. At the year-end Awards Assembly, the student who has earned the most points in each grade wins a trophy. All others earn a ribbon and certificate for their participation.  Click here for CULTURE CLUB EVENT FORM

Fine Arts Applications